// About Us

Who Are We

Founded in 2016 as a Software Development Studio, we built computer games and mobile apps solutions for clients. We have in-depth game development and enterprise gamification expertise, yet with a combined global experience of over 100 years in retail, employee engagement and leadership across the team, we saw the opportunity to bring two worlds together. We are based out of Dubai, with presence across Croatia, Australia, and the UK.

// About Us

Why We Exist

Customer and employee expectations are changing at a challenging pace for retail and employers to keep up with. Businesses become slower to respond to market challenges as they slip into working ‘in-the-business’ rather than ‘on-the-business’. Consequently, threats go overlooked, be it in the form of increased competition, operational inefficiency or missing customer signals. Add to this organisation restructures, compliance and safety obligations, policy changes, and squeezed resources – all of which impact employee morale and motivation.

Fast forward to today, and we, The Gamifier Group, now use our unique blend of skillsets to reboot organisational cultures of mediocre engagement and performance, to solve for the challenges faced and to set new benchmarks of what the best in business looks like.

// About Us

Our Mission

To help businesses ‘Level-Up’, inspiring them to become the very best version of themselves through creating a culture of engagement, leadership, execution and winning.

We do this by transforming them into high-performing ecosystems that engage, empower and incentivise teams to achieve new heights and defy limitations. We supercharge performance and cultural aspirations through leading engagement strategies, inspiring all people in the organisation to reimagine what is possible.

// The Gamifier Group

Our Team

We are a team of highly energetic, disciplined and results-driven professionals. At our core, we have a passion for culture & performance excellence. Our diverse and experienced team is equipped with the smarts & the muscle, with sleeves always rolled up, to deliver against your vision.

Elvin Eldić, BA.Sc

Managing Director & Founder


Elvin founded The Gamifier Group off the back of 29 years of cross-sector international retail experience, coupled with his in-depth videography and game development background. This, next to his qualifications in Applied Science (HMS), he saw an opportunity to bring all these worlds together. As a result, his unique method to connect people and supercharge business performance through the power of video, behavioural science and gamification, has been recognised as an award-winning engagement strategy.

Elvin is accountable for delivering The Gamifier Groups vision through the success of its client partnerships.


Head of Implementation & Support


A globally experienced Communications & Operations Manager with a substantial background in developing effective retail processes, tools & training.

Claire’s operations & project management expertise ensures successful implementation with ongoing close-quarters client support to all delivered projects.

Claire is incredibly good at gamification too, which principally involves developing & providing client-tailored programs that deliver their performance & culture aspirations.

Karlo Eldić, B.InfTech

Head of Software Solutions


Based in Zagreb, Karlo comes from a deep gaming background. He has a wealth of experience in game mechanics, player immersion, system upgrades, and building & integrating software for a range of companies with particular expertise on VR, Web & Mobile platforms.

Karlo leads our small team of developers by providing the right software solutions to our client problems as well as ensuring they leverage the latest in video game design & mechanics to further our gamification offering.

Craig Bignell

Head of Retail Solutions & Optimisation


With over 25 years of retail experience, Craig has successfully lead & developed large scale multi-cultural sales & operations teams across multiple sectors – underpinned by his core value, ‘Customer is King’. Craig spearheads our Retail Excellence division by working with a large cross-section of retailers and brands to support their efficiency, thoughtfulness, tactical disciplines and customer-driven innovation.

Retail Excellence is a game of 1%er’s, and Craig is extremely good at finding & delivering these for our clients.

Tom Mayne

Lead Visual Designer


Tom is our senior designer with expertise across the latest in print, digital, and animation disciplines with a comprehensive tender development background. A passionate veteran who has worked with brands such as ASDA, Samsung, Citroën, Travelex, US Bank and Western Union, to name a few.

Tom’s global experience working with brands, growing them through thoughtful brand positioning and helping them deliver innovative customer and employee experiences; provides our clients with an added advantage in delivering a deeper brand engagement across their business.