Gamification is our sweet spot, and we have an award-winning approach underpinned by proprietary technology.

Using the power of video, game design and our proprietary technology *Leaguestar, we deepen the level of engagement your teams have with your business.

Leaguestar unlocks camaraderie, inspires healthy competition, and empowers your teams with discipline and accountability. It does so in an immersive, incentivised way that redefines purpose, harmonises skill set and rewards, and delivers commercial results, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

We use our unique background in game development, employee engagement and leadership to inspire a culture of ‘levelling up’ in sales and functional teams with our award-winning, ‘League System’ methodology. Our approach is fully customisable and defined by the business and its players to maximise engagement and success from the start. 

Winning lies in the execution, and we have a playbook for implementation we call the ‘The Saturday Approach‘. It respects the three cornerstones for success, Structure, Activity and Technology and delivers a complete end-to-end gamified ecosystem that touches and rewards everyone invested.

*Leaguestar is a SaaS employee engagement platform underpinned by ‘The League System’ methodology that embraces gamification & sporting principles for the workplace

Leaguestar redefines the future of work by connecting employees like players in a sports team that compete in elite leagues because dashboards recutting complex data alone is not enough to keep today’s generation engaged. Leaguestar solves this by understanding what makes employees tick with tech built by engagement & gamification specialists to enable & enhance people’s natural tendencies around belonging, status, purpose, mastery, collaboration, & competition. Targeting behaviours that underpin commitments that achieve an ecosystem of culture & performance excellence. 

To find out more, ask us for our case studies & see how we achieved high performing ecosystems that delivered double-digit performance growth through our award-winning methodology.



Effective, thoughtful & disciplined. We are ‘strategy to execution’ retail experts.

Customer expectations are rapidly changing at a challenging pace, expedited due to Covid-19. We solve for this plus other persistent industry challenges with:

  • Over several decades of retail leadership and operational experience.
  • Extensive international and cross-sector expertise. 
  • Decades of international airport retail expertise with firsthand experience across 15 of the top 20 global airports.
  • Retail Foreign Exchange specialists backed by +50 years of experience.
  • Successfully motivating, innovating & leading retail teams, some with a headcount upwards of 3,500.

We partner with you to reimagine your retail proposition and, importantly, make the ‘basics brilliant’. We do this by tooling your teams with what they need to trade smarter by becoming more effective and efficient. By creating your bespoke strategy-to-execution playbooks, we support your retail business to innovate and become more digital, disciplined and customer-centric.

Next to coaching your existing team to think and do differently, we have the depth also to level up your talent pool through executive search or developing and establishing a comprehensive recruitment program.

We collaborate to unlock the building blocks of optimisation, which we call the 1%ers, that quickly add up to become sales and service game-changers whilst levelling up operations from good to great. Our proven methods leave your team supplemented with the skills to ‘see one’, ‘do one’, and then ‘teach one’.


Strategy and Change

Seasoned professionals bolstered by our strategic partnerships.

We partner with you to help define and implement strategy and manage change. Underpinned by decades of firsthand experience, our team has successfully delivered multiple transformations and turnaround programs – from design to leading the change.

Notwithstanding our extensive international experience, spanning over 20 countries, we know the Middle East region very well. With extensive GCC experience across the team, from frontline operations to sitting on several highly regulated boards, we can quickly identify the precise actions your business wants to make and help you execute.

We offer guidance and expertise in:

  • Policy & Corporate Governance
  • Market Entry & Expansion
  • Tender & RFP Support
  • Feasibility & Rationalisation
  • Consolidation & Restructuring
  • Culture & Core Values
  • Channel & Product Development
  • POS Technology
  • Continuous Improvement
  • General Operational Counsel

We have the agility to either embed end-to-end change or simply provide guidance and assurance. Our experience next to our strategic partnerships further boosts our ability to deliver complex projects in today’s demanding economic and challenging environments. Working together with our key partners through an enterprise model bolsters our proposition that delivers significant value to our growing local and global client base. We can quickly connect the right skills and expertise that get the right people around the table, where and when this extended network adds value.

We also collaborate with a broader network of professionals with in-depth theoretical knowledge and working experience, delivering leading innovation, digital, marketing, people and culture strategies.

Community partners

Our partnerships provide us with additional capacity & further depth in capability to deliver excellence & exceed client expectations.