About us

TGG began in 2016 as a Software Development House, building innovative computer games and platform solutions. In May 2020, we transformed into a Dubai-based consultancy firm, offering a truly integrated approach to business performance and engagement underpinned by proprietary technology.

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Why we exist

Customer and employee expectations are evolving rapidly, challenging employers to keep pace. Businesses can often become slow in responding to market dynamics, consequently overlooking threats like increased competition, operational inefficiencies, and missed customer signals. Additionally, factors such as restructuring, compliance obligations, policy changes, and resource constraints can adversely affect employee morale and productivity. Therefore we exist to help transform stagnant organizational cultures by addressing such challenges to help set new benchmarks for commercial excellence.

Our mission

To help businesses ‘Level-Up’, inspiring them to become the very best version of themselves through creating a culture of engagement, leadership, execution and winning.

We do this by transforming them into high-performing ecosystems that engage, empower and incentivize teams to achieve new heights. We supercharge performance and cultural aspirations through leading engagement strategies, inspiring all people in the organization to reimagine what is possible.

Our results

Our impact in numbers

Uplift in Employee Engagement
Increase in Sales Revenue
Improvement in Customer Service
Uplift in Team Cohesion
Transaction Uplift during Covid
Uplift in Productivity
Improvement in KYC Compliance
Sales Run Rate Uplift
Team members
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