Performance Gamification

Supercharging workforces and elevating our clients reporting game with LEAGUESTAR - a powerful synergy of business data and gamification, deepening employee engagement to achieve remarkable KPI results.

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Performance Gamification

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Performance Gamification

Gamification is our sweet spot, and we have an award-winning approach underpinned by our proprietary technology.

Introducing LEAGUESTAR - a SaaS employee engagement platform underpinned by ‘The League System’ methodology that embraces gamification & sporting principles for the workplace.

Using the power of video, game design and our proprietary technology, we deepen the level of engagement your teams have with your business.

LEAGUESTAR unlocks camaraderie, inspires healthy competition, and empowers your teams with discipline and accountability. It does so in an immersive, incentivized way that redefines purpose, harmonizes skill set and rewards, and delivers commercial results, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

We use our unique background in game development, employee engagement and leadership to inspire a culture of ‘levelling up’ in sales and functional teams with our award-winning, ‘League System’ methodology. Our approach is fully customizable and defined by the business and its players to maximise engagement and success from the start.

Winning lies in the execution, and we have a playbook for implementation we call the ‘The Saturday Approach‘. It respects the three cornerstones for success, Structure, Activity and Technology and delivers a complete end-to-end gamified ecosystem that touches and rewards everyone invested.

LEAGUESTAR redefines the future of work by connecting employees like players in a sports team that compete in elite leagues because dashboards recutting complex data alone is not enough to keep today’s workforce engaged. LEAGUESTAR solves this by understanding what makes employees tick with tech built by engagement & gamification specialists to enable & enhance people’s natural tendencies around belonging, status, purpose, mastery, collaboration, & competition. Targeting behaviors that underpin commitments that achieve an ecosystem of culture & performance excellence.